Blog #6 05/24/2017: Paint.

Had an electrician out to run new power, drywall guy to patch the holes, and I’ve moved the dinning table out to the garage and put it up for sale.  Painted the dinning area and it is now ready for the tank and some new furniture… Charlie… well, Charlie could care less.  lol.

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Blog #4 05/14/2017: The Equipment List

The deposit was given, the CAD drawings for sign-off are on the way, so let’s look at the equipment list… Aquarium:  Custom glass 96x30x30, center overflow, pre-drilled, steel braced around rim Stand:  96x30x36 custom steel stand with drip tray Sump: Custom 72x24x18 acrylic sump with filter socks, refugium, and skimmer section. Filtration:  Curve 9 Protein […]

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